Because we are a USAF dojo, our instructors and members have access to and have received instruction from senior instructors from Hombu dojo and from the many gifted instructors within the USAF. Collectively, our instructors have more than 50 years of experience in Aikido.

Our instructors are not compensated. Instead, they volunteer their time and efforts as a means of perpetuating their own practice and as a way of contributing to the New Orleans community by making Aikido practice available to everyone. They act out of a deep appreciation for the art of Aikido and out of gratitude for the gifts they have received from their seniors.



Chief Instructor
Lawrence Ozenberger, 5th dan, shidoin, was a founding member of Aikido of New Orleans in 1994 and has been our dojo’s Chief Instructor since October 2004.



Yordan Yordanov, 4th dan, fukushidoin, received his training in Bulgaria, where he helped to lead a large Aikido dojo.



David Cody, 3rd dan, fukushidoin, began to practice Aikido in 1993 at San Francisco Aikikai, under the direction of Joel Posluns, 6th dan, Shidoin.


Dojo Cho

Van Moraitis, 1st dan, serves as our Dojo Cho and runs the business of the dojo.